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Shadow Girl
Canada/Chile, 2017, 75 minutes, Color, DVD, Spanish, Subtitled
Order No. W171218

SHADOW GIRL is the extraordinary story of a filmmaker struggling with the prospect of losing her vision. While editing her last film in Toronto, Chilean-born filmmaker María Teresa Larraín suddenly begins to go blind. After she’s denied disability benefits by the Canadian government, she returns home to Chile. There, inspired by the resilience and wisdom of the blind street vendors she meets, María Teresa confronts her fears and steps courageously into her new life while reclaiming her dignity and her voice as an artist. This powerful and poetic film raises complex questions about art and “vision,” able and dis-abled, and poverty and privilege.

Audio description for the blind and English subtitles or closed captions for the hearing impaired


IndieFEST Film Awards, Award of Excellence: Disability Issues
DIVA (Festival Internacional de Cine Diversidad), Best National Film, Best Director and Best Sound
Santiago International Documentary Film Festival, Audience Award
Chiloé International Documentary Film Festival, Best National Film
DocsBarcelona, Documentary of the Month
Circle of Chilean Critics, Best Documentary of 2016
DocsBarcelona Valparaiso, Best National Film, Audience Award and The Documentary of the Month Award

  • One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
  • Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival
  • Yogyakarta Documentary Film Festival
  • Santiago International Film Festival

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    "Larrain has become a paradoxical artist, a blind filmmaker committed to creating images she can no longer see.
    The Globe and Mail

    "Extraordinary. Beyond its stylistic triumphs, Shadow Girl is a powerful look at how one woman learns to cope with disability."
    Toronto Film Scene

    "As much as this is a film about losing one’s sight, it is also about finding the inner strength to deal with the curveballs that life throws at us."
    Cinema Axis

    "An emotional and truly fascinating experience."
    In the Seats

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