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Jasad & The Queen of Contradictions
UK/Lebanon, 2011, 40 minutes, Color, DVD, Arabic, Subtitled
Order No. W131089
Lebanese poet and writer Joumana Haddad has stirred controversy in the Middle East for having founded Jasad (the Body), an erotic quarterly Arabic-language magazine. Dedicated to the body’s art, science and literature, Jasad is one of the first of its kind in the Arab world and has caused a big debate in the Arabic region not only for its explicit images, erotic articles and essays on sex in Arabic but also for the fact that an Arab woman is behind it all. Despite Beirut’s external appearance of freedom portrayed through its infamous nightlife and women’s stylish and open revealing fashion sense, this is all still taboo.

JASAD & THE QUEEN OF CONTRADICTIONS, by Lebanese director Amanda Homsi-Ottosson, tackles the subject of sexuality in Lebanon, giving insight on the rare use of the Arabic language to discuss sex and erotica. Different views regarding the magazine and sexuality are also given by the head of a women’s rights organization, a sexual health educator and a doctor who performs hymen reconstruction surgeries. Despite the debates, the threats and the lack of funds, one passionate woman shows no sign of slowing down her small steps towards a “sexual revolution” in the Arab world.


  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)
  • The Frontline Club, London
  • The Royal Film Commission, Jordan
  • Athena Film Festival
  • Film Middle East Now
  • DOXA Documentary Film Festival

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    “The documentary opens up discussion about sexuality through a magazine that breaks taboos and challenges both stereotypes and language… what Haddad likes to call "a slap out of amnesia."
    The Frontline Club

    "JASAD tackles the subject of sexuality in Lebanon, giving insight on the rare use of the Arabic language to discuss these taboo topics."
    Muslim Societies in Asia and the Pacific at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

    “About a fascinating Lebanese poet and writer Joumana Haddad who has stirred controversy in the Middle East for having founded 'Jasad' (the Body), an erotic quarterly Arabic-language magazine.”
    International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam

    “Opens up discussion and debate.”
    Al Arabiya News

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