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Kylie Grey

Kylie started her working life has a radio journalist at the age of 19 and has been making films about human rights and social issues for the past seven years.

Her work as a journalist has taken her to Iraq, Bangladesh, Argentina, The Philippines, Romania, Mozambique, East Timor, Sri Lanka and many more of the world’s flashpoints.

Her first film, Child Prisoners in the Philippines has been screened around the world and was official selection at the Ghangzou Documentary festival in China in 2004.

Her film, Child Trafficking – Camel Jockeys in the Middle East screened on ABC Television Australia and was subsequently awarded the gold world medal in the social issues category at the 2004 New York Film Festival.

For three years, she followed the life of Layla Hassan, a Baghdad woman and her family during the conflict in Iraq. The resulting film, MY HOME YOUR WAR, screened on SBS Television Australia in April 2007 on SBS’s Cutting Edge program to rave reviews and excellent ratings. The film has subsequently won Best Documentary (Human Story) and Best Documentary (Social and Political issues) at Australia’s ATOM awards in October 2007. MY HOME YOUR WAR has been screened at filmed festivals in Asia and the U.S.

Kylie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications and a Masters degree in Social Science. She is passionate about using the medium of film to give audiences in the Western world an insight into the lives, hearts and minds of people in the developing world.

Kylie currently works for Aljazeera English television as a producer and reporter where she is making news feature stories in the developing world. Her story on Agent Orange Children in Vietnam is a finalist in the 2007 Asia Awards for best single news report. (11/07)

My Home - Your War
A film by Kylie Grey. Produced by Denoux Films Productions, 2006, 52 min., Color

MY HOME – YOUR WAR offers an extraordinary look at the effect of the Iraq war through the eyes of an ordinary Iraqi woman. Shot in Baghdad over three ...

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