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Michal Aviad

Michal Aviad has been working as a director and producer of documentary films in San Francisco and Tel Aviv since 1986.

Among her films are the 1987 award-winning American documentary ACTING OUR AGE (60 min, 16mm), which she produced and directed. The film explores women and aging and was part of many international film festivals including the U.S. Sundance Film Festival and the Telluride Film Festival. The film was aired in many countries and was selected in 1988 to be the first program on PBS’s P.O.V documentary series.

In 1992 Aviad produced and directed THE WOMEN NEXT DOOR (80 min, 16mm). Filmed during the Intifada, the film examines the roles of Palestinian and Israeli women in the conflict. The film was part of the Forum in the Berlin International Film Festival where it received Honorable Mention. It took part of many festivals including Jerusalem, Pesaro, Munich, Chicago, San Paolo, Portugal, and INPUT ’93. The film was aired in many countries including a national broadcast on PBS’s P.O.V. series.

In 1995, she directed EVER SHOT ANYONE? (produced by Amit Goren, 60 min, beta.) This documentary explores Israeli male culture from a woman’s point of view. The video was part of the Hong Kong International Film Festival, Feminale, the Liepzig Film Festival, INPUT ’96, London Jewish Film Festival, Washington Jewish Film Festival, Flaherty film Seminar and many others. It was aired in Canada, Israel, Holland, Denmark, Russia and other countries.

In 1997 Aviad completed producing and directing JENNY AND JENNY (60 min, beta), a film on two teenage working-class Israeli girls. JENNY AND JENNY was awarded Best Israeli Documentary for 1997 from the Israel Film Institute. It was part of the Jerusalem International Film Festival, Denver Film Festival, Boston Film Festival, Feminale, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, Films des Femmes in France and INPUT ’98. To date it was aired in Germany, Sweden and Israel.

In July 2001, Aviad completed directing and co-producing RAMLEH (60 min, beta, co-produced by Yulie Gerstel,) a social-political film about the lives of four women in the town of Ramleh. Ramleh, a Jewish- Arab town, is a powerful example to the disintegration of a country of displaced people torn by religious, national and cultural differences. The film premiered at the Jerusalem International Film Festival.

She then directed FOR MY CHILDREN (2002) and INVISIBLE (2011).

Aviad teaches film production at Tel Aviv University. She is also the coordinator of the Tel Aviv International Students Film Festival. (07/12)

Acting Our Age: A film About Women Growing Old
A film by Michal Aviad, 1987, 58 min., Color

An invigorating antidote for American culture's one-dimensional image of older women, this classic film offers empowering insights about women and agi...

Ever Shot Anyone?
A film by Michal Aviad, 1996, 57 min., Color

Israeli filmmaker Michal Aviad provides a woman's take on how national culture is informed by male identity through the military experience that bonds...

For My Children
A film by Michal Aviad, 2002, 65 min., Color

In October 2000, as the second Palestinian Intifada erupts, Israeli filmmaker Michal Aviad begins a video exploration about both the moral and mundane...

Jenny and Jenny
A film by Michal Aviad, 1997, 60 min., Color

This moving, closely observed portrait of adolescence documents one summer in the lives of two 17 year old cousins named Jenny. As North African Jewi...

A film by Michal Aviad, 2001, 58 min., Color

A timely and powerful look at the ideological, cultural and political conflicts in contemporary Israel, this highly original documentary profiles thre...

The Women Next Door
A film by Michal Aviad, 1992, 80 min., Color

THE WOMEN NEXT DOOR is a thoughtful and emotive documentary about women in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Israeli director Michal Aviad was living...

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