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Shelley Williams

Shelley Williams studied Photography and Film & Television at Middlesex (BA Hons). She began her career in film production working with Sally Potter and Neil Jordan among others, going on to produce documentaries, animation and live action drama with the Brothers Quay and Chris Petit. Her documentary film JAPAN LIVE PERFORMANCE (Dir. Phil Day) for Channel Four, was a Golden Gate Award Winner, winning Best Art Film at the San Francisco International Film Festival. She began her career as a director with THE BODY WITHIN, a dance film experimenting with digital technology commissioned by Illuminations and the Lottery. Her documentary, THE DESERT IS NO LADY , was a US/UK TV Documentary Award Winner. Her live action drama films include STUNG, (Kodak Short Film Award Winner), the TV drama WILDWOOD (HTV/ITV), and ONCE SEEN.

Her first short film, STUNG, won the Kodak Short Film Award and played in five West End cinemas with a variety of features including Afterglow, Regeneration and Elizabeth. Funded by The Arts Council Lottery, The South West Media Development Agency and Kodak, it premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival and went on to play at festivals and in cinemas both nationally (Brief Encounters, UK) and internationally (Chicago International Film Festival).

Her latest short film, ONCE SEEN, won production awards from The Arts Council Lottery, The London Production Fund, The East London Film Fund and private finance and sponsorship from The Truman Brewery. ONCE SEEN has since played at Clermont Ferrand, Edinburgh and London International Film Festivals and is shortly to receive its cinema release with Curzon/City Screen. It has been purchased by Film Four/Channel Four and has been taken on board by The Short Film Bureau for international sales. To date the film has played with Y Tu Mama Tambien and Claude Millerís new film Betty Fisher and Other Stories. It will screen at cinemas nationally with the new Lynne Ramsay feature Morvern Callar late in 2002.

Director, Shelley Williams, is continuing her collaboration with writer, Annabelle Pangborn, who wrote both STUNG and ONCE SEEN, on a slate of feature films.

Shelley Williams' Official Website (08/11)

The Desert Is No Lady
A film by Shelley Williams in collaboration with Susan Palmer, 1995, 45 min., Color

With provocative imagery and spirited juxtapositions, THE DESERT IS NO LADY looks at the Southwest through the eyes of its leading contemporary women ...

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